Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Bedabbled magazine

Just a quick shout out for Bedabbled #3 which I received in the post the other day and contains some fine pieces on the last two Hammer Dracula films, Mike Raven, Incense for the Damned (plus interview with Francoise Pascal about said film). According to their blog this issue has already sold out its print run, however I’ve had an email from Martin telling me that “there are still copies on the Strange Vice and Hemlock Books sites” should anyone fancy picking up any of the few remaining copies. Incidentally I’ve been asked to pen material for the 4th issue, which has given me the excuse to revisit films that are very dear to me, and write up a few that I don’t think I’ve ever properly nailed before. Issue 4# looks to be due around summer 2013.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Psychomania video cover

I’ve seen Psychomania a dozen times over the years but couldn’t resist picking up this video release whilst in the states recently just for the inspired cover alone, depicting what appears to be a zombified Charles Manson on a bike!! Psychomania seems to have had numerous video releases in the states during the 80s and 90s, in contrast in the UK where as far as I’m aware it never had a post-cert video release, I guess it (and Crucible of Terror) were so common on late night British TV during that period that no one thought it was worth putting out on tape.

Collinson Twins Birthday Card

Tesco Birthday Card featuring the Collinson Twins