Friday, 21 April 2017

The Over Amorous Sex Victims

Long considered the rarest of the rare in both British horror and British sexploitation collector circles, Derek Robbin’s The Sex Victims (1973) has recently resurfaced via the BFI player service and is available to watch for free online at


Special thanks to Darrell Buxton for making me aware of this one resurfacing (by posting about it elsewhere on the net).

Also currently up on the BFI Player is another never released on VHS or DVD British sexploitation obscurity The Over Amorous Artist (1974), under its aka title ‘Just One More Time’. Produced by the man they love to hunt David Hamilton Grant, this prototypical British sex comedy stars John Hamill as artist and househusband Alan Street, whose attempts at multi-tasking are continually being thwarted by a browned up Pakistani door to door salesman, a badly dubbed women’s libber, various suburban nymphos and ‘Rover the Dog’. Title song performed by Elvis Costello’s dad. Unintentionally funniest moment involves the dog becoming hysterical when Hamill flashes his cock toward the end, this caused me to laugh out loud in public whilst watching this on an apple iPod….which was rather embarrassing.

also available to watch for free on the BFI player (and of possible interest to readers of this blog): the Bob Godfrey sextoons 'Dear Margery Boobs' (1977) and 'Dream Doll' (1979) and the Harrison Marks glamour films 'Xcitement' and 'Vampire'.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

The Naughty Dreams of Miss Owen (1987)

A look at 1987’s The Naughty Dreams of Miss Owen, a ‘mega booob video presentation’ in which Stacey Owen is haunted by a big boobed ghost.




Thursday, 6 April 2017

A bit more of Soho

A brief walk around Soho in the early 2000s, filmed by my own shaky hands, apologies for the poor quality of this footage.