Sunday, 20 August 2017

Golden Gate Pay-Off (1974)

A look at the 1974 mixed-combo skinflick ‘Golden Gate Pay-Off’, a charming tale of gambling, pimping, whoring, raping and shitting (but not necessarily in that order) made in the wild San Francisco of the early 1970s, and given a brief bit of exposure in the lawless pre-cert days of UK video in the early 1980s. A film so dirty that at one point I require a roll of toilet paper in order to talk you through it!!!


Wednesday, 16 August 2017

The Spirits of Jupiter (1984)

A look at ‘The Spirits of Jupiter’, the forgotten bastard child of The Crazies, True Grit and The Road Warrior. Get ready to hear the legend of ‘Big Jim Drill’.


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Confessions of a Saucy English 70’s Franchise

Regular readers of this blog will recall the sad, untimely demise of writer Chris O’Loughlin in 2014, and his book about the ‘Confessions’ movie franchise that he was in the process of writing.


Now with permission of his widow Maureen, I’m pleased to announce that a PDF of Chris’ book has been uploaded to and can be accessed by following this link, then scrolling down to the PDF option, right clicking and selecting ‘save target as’, which should download the file to your computer.


The 184 page book covers all four Confessions films in depth, as well as the entire Confessions universe which includes unmade films, stage farce spin-offs, and of course Confessions books of the official and unofficial variety. The book also includes first-hand accounts of the series by actresses Suzy Mandel and Nicola Blackman, plus interviews with Robin Askwith and the late Greg Smith, and draws on Chris’ vast collection of Confessions memorabilia, ever wanted to see Yugoslavian stills from Confessions of a Driving Instructor?, the Japanese pressbook for Window Cleaner, or the ‘Confessions’ related competition to win a toaster? They’re all here. While Chris clearly designed this with the idea of it coming out as a coffee table book, and as such I’m not sure a PDF version of it truly does it justice, I am enormously pleased that people will finally get to see his loving tribute to this frequently maligned movie series.


Thanks to Maureen for allowing me to bring this book to the internet, and to Suzy Mandel, Nicola Blackman and Douglas Ferguson for allowing their contributions to this book to be made publically available. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

1000 Convicts and a Woman (1971)

Its time to lock up your daughters as we take a look at Ray ‘Virgin Witch’ Austin’s 1971 film 1000 Convicts and a Woman aka Fun and Games.