Sunday, 19 July 2009

“Groupie Girl” actor rocks on

Here is the Youtube site of actor/musician Emmett Hennessey, who was one of the fictional “Orange Butterfly” band in the Derek Ford/Stanley Long film Groupie Girl back in 1969, he now lives in Trinidad and is still performing, acting as an MC and opening act for major stars, which is where these recent performances come from.

As well as Groupie Girl, Emmett was also in tons of British films and TV programmes throughout the 1960s and early 1970s, appearing in everything from Doctor Who and Cathy Come Home to Primitive London and even a few of Harrison Marks’ 8mm films. One of his earliest roles was in London in the Raw (1964), in a faked sequence showing down on their luck beatniks eating cat food, don’t be fooled though, he reassures me that the cat food in question was just cans of tuna that Stanley Long and Arnold Louis Miller stuck cat food labels on. Emmett is a super nice guy, and I’m sure the only person to have worked with both Harrison Marks and Michael Bolton !!!!

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