Tuesday, 5 January 2010

“Lost” Mary Millington film resurfaces.

An 8mm copy of the ‘lost’ Mary Millington film “Special Assignment” turned up on E-bay, shortly before Christmas. After being tipped off about the auction, my original plan was to have Millington fan ‘RBT Foot’ bid on the film, then for he and I to pay to have the film professionally transferred to DVD, however (as I suspected might happen) bidding went crazy on the film, and our plan didn’t come to pass as The Foot got outbid by a sniper bid at the last minute. So we had to go to Plan B and contact the E-bay seller, and ask him to make and sell us a DVD transfer of Special Assignment before he sent the 8mm film on its merry way. In a perfect world it would have been better to have got hold of the original 8mm film and do our own DVD transfer, as in my opinion it would have been superior to the one done by the Ebay seller, which is somewhat cropped and the transfer speed a little out (everything seems slightly slowed down). Still a “new” Mary Millington film resurfacing isn’t something to be sniffed at, especially as Special Assignment -one of her early John Lindsay hardcore shorts- hasn’t been seen since the early 70s, bar a ‘safe’ clip from the film turning up in the 1980 documentary Mary Millington’s True Blue Confessions, where it was used to represent her early blue film career. The tame bit of Special Assignment, as seen in True Blue Confessions, sees Mary exploring a canal lock and retrieving a hidden package, this is about all they could use from it in True Blue Confessions, since as you might expect from a John Lindsay production things get pretty pornographic soon after when Mary delivers the package to her horny boss and ends up as part of a threesome. Sexually, the film employs Mary in a strictly lesbian capacity, thought she does ‘supervise’ some heterosexual action between her boss and the film’s other female cast member towards the end, and as in Mary’s other porn shorts like “Response” and “Oh Nurse”, the girl on girl moments tend to register far more erotically than the routine straight sex. Its been suggested that Mary’s character in the film is meant to be a spy, which makes sense given the “Special Assignment” title, but as is the norm with John Lindsay films any plotline is strictly throwaway and hardcore sex is really all the film is about.

As a result its a little hard to represent the film in screenshot form here, so I do hope you all like photos of a girl and a canal lock!!!, but DVD editions of the film have started to appear on the collector’s circuit, and hopefully will make there way to Mary’s many fans

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