Friday, 25 November 2011

Harrison Marks the 1963-64 clippings

Courtesy of Muswell, here are several newspaper clippings charting the misadventures of George Harrison Marks during 1963 and 64, evidently a hectic period that saw Marks go through his first obscenity trial, his second marriage and see clips from one of his films go out on ITV (“two viewers phoned congratulations, and one phoned to ask where he could get the film”). The clippings date from when it was falsely believed that Marks and Pamela Green had been married, hence references to Vivienne Warren being his third wife when in fact she was Mrs Harrison Marks the second.

Muswell also mentions this about Vivienne Warren:

“The second wedding article mentions Vivienne's sister Vicki Martin. Vicki was also a model and actress and under the name Valerie Mewes was a protégé of Stephen Ward and close friend of Ruth Ellis. She and Ellis both worked at Murrays Club in Soho where Ward later recruited Christine Keeler.
Vicki died in a car crash in 1955(about a month before Ruth Ellis, who also knew Ward, apparently shot her lover) the circumstances of the crash have never been fully explained.
Small world eh!”

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