Sunday, 15 June 2014

Captain X and the mystery woman

In 1972 my actor pal Emmett Hennessey (‘Captain X’ in Harrison Marks’ Aphrodisia, and also the bloke who eats cat food in London in the Raw* and the bloke standing behind Philip Madoc in the classic ‘don’t tell him, pike’ scene in Dad’s Army) ventured to Denmark to appear in the film ‘The Loves of Cynthia’ aka Cynthia’s Sister, acting alongside fellow brits Maureen Flanagan and Paul Kirby. During filming Emmett was talked into making a brief appearance in a second film that the makers of Cynth’s Sis were shooting at the same time. Emmett was never told the title of this second film, and it has been a mystery title in his filmography ever since, however recently Emmett has managed to unearth a photo of himself and the lead actress from this film, and hopes that if anyone can ID her this will also lead to uncovering the name of the film they both appeared in (feel free to let us know if her face rings any bells).

Emmett sez: “doing a bit of sorting out and found this, never even knew i had it. A still from the 'mystery movie' in Denmark , including my co-star who i believe was quite a well known actress there at the time. I thought maybe if anyone recognised her (name)it would be starting point to trace the movie.”

*it wasn’t really cat food, just a tin of tuna with a cat food label stuck on it.

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