Sunday, 25 October 2015

Peeping in Chorley, or Curse of the Mummy’s Thumb

Quite by chance I came across another of those vintage amusement arcades, similar to the one I previously found in Southport. This one is tucked away on the third floor of the Botany Bay shopping centre in Chorley, and offers the opportunity to step into a forgotten world of bogus yetis, minstrels, ‘what the butler saw’ peep show machines and the severed thumb of an Egyptian mummy (“the strangest thing in captivity”). Time restraints mean a return visit will probably be necessary in order to take in the full flavour of this place (and take some better photographs!!). My initial impression? People may have been a gullible bunch back then, still they probably had lots of fun whilst being duped by these old coin guzzlers.


The Horrors of the Black and White Minstrel Museum

And finally, the Mummy’s Thumb

Lets hope he doesn’t want it back….. Happy Halloween folks!!!

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