Saturday, 11 March 2017

Groupie Girl (1970)

A Youtube look at the 1970 Derek Ford directed film Groupie Girl starring one-movie wonder Esme Johns. Followed by (below) rare stills from the film and archive interviews with Johns and GG writer Suzanne Mercer.




Excerpt from Picnic Frolics featuring GG star Esme Johns (and Sue Bond)

Esme Johns interview

Suzanne Mercer interview (circa 1973)


soundtrack '68 said...

Yet another fistful of fabulous information. Some priceless material here. Going to revisit this film again today, back to back with the turgid Permissive. May have to have a bath immediately afterwards!

THX 1139 said...

That Esme interview is quite poignant: "If there is a next film." I hope she managed to settle down after her one moment in the spotlight. If she's even still alive?

As for the film, "Don't Be A Groupie Girl" would be a more appropriate title, if there's one word that sums up the mood it's "sour". But probably pretty accurate, sadly. Slade's Flame demonstrates that success is no cure for the band blues, either. Though Sir Robin Askwith had a good time as a pop performer in a film that looks like science fiction compared to those two.