Sunday, 20 August 2017

Golden Gate Pay-Off (1974)

A look at the 1974 mixed-combo skinflick ‘Golden Gate Pay-Off’, a charming tale of gambling, pimping, whoring, raping and shitting (but not necessarily in that order) made in the wild San Francisco of the early 1970s, and given a brief bit of exposure in the lawless pre-cert days of UK video in the early 1980s. A film so dirty that at one point I require a roll of toilet paper in order to talk you through it!!!



THX 1139 said...

Something really scuzzy can indeed separate the exploitation wheat from the chaff, the sheep from the goats, the wood from the trees, the Adventures of a Taxi Driver from the Thriller: A Cruel Picture, etc.

I'm really enjoying these reviews, but one thing gives me pause: watching a 4:3 picture in 16:9?!

Tea Bag said...

I googled "mixed combo", having no idea what it meant. I found no definition, and only one example thst seemed to point anywhere - a Google book where the author discussed Miami Vice, among other programmes. Am I to take it that it refers to people of different races being in the same film or TV show?

gavcrimson said...

From what I understand ‘mixed combo’ was a term used to describe and advertise inter-racial porn. It seems to have been an especially popular term in 1970s New York (I think it might even have been used on one of the cinema marquees seen in Taxi Driver, and Bill Landis used it allot in the pages of Sleazoid Express) but it looks as if it has fallen into obscurity in recent years.