Saturday, 13 January 2018

Triple-Bill from the early 1980s

A triple bill from the dying days of theatrically released sexploitation in Britain, circa 1983. The 1st feature appears not to be the Not Tonight Darling starring Luan Peters that was written up in the last post, rather a 1977 Italian film starring Edwige Fenech, which was being given a UK theatrical release in 1983, despite having being released on VHS three years earlier by Iver Film Services.

The 2nd film, The Lady is a Whore was a then decade old Greek film originally titled ‘Pio thermi kai ap' ton ilio’. Some of the IMDB’s plot keywords for that film include ‘full frontal female nudity’, ‘male rear nudity’, ‘suicide by stabbing’, ‘downbeat ending’ and ‘ex football player’…which sounds …ermmm interesting?

Lastly and most obscurely is Lustful Lady, a 1977 34min British short starring character actor Aubrey Morris (A Clockwork Orange, Lifeforce) and britsleaze knockabout John M. East, and directed by the blatantly pseudonymous ‘Hal E. Woode’. Long unseen, Lustful Lady was no doubt being sneaked onto a double-bill of foreign sexploitation in order to grab a hold of some Eady money before the curtain came down on that particularly lucrative tax break.

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